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Been Burglarized? Easy Danbury Locksmith Advice to Follow for House/ Business Owners

No one believes it may actually happen to them, but once in a while, actual facts will prove us wrong. Have you been the victim of burglary? Here are a few expert Danbury locksmith tips to follow, to prevent such an unpleasant thing from happening again.


Dangers of house/ business burglaries


According to statistics quoted by Danbury locksmith, a number of 1 million domestic burglaries were carried out throughout the US in 2010 only. Most of these events happened to households and businesses that didn't take appropriate security measures. So, if you feel your residential or business security hasn't been treated with the importance it deserves, that makes you one of the possible victims of a break-in, and chances are this has already happened.

House incursions of this kind will leave marks that are hard to erase, they may incur not only significant material losses but they may leave psychological traces in you or your family.

Our Danbury locksmith experts will explain that no actual break-in occurs before the burglars get accustomed to how much security details you are using, and to your daily habits. This is actually valid for business owners as well.

Steps to take after burglary


1) Report the event immediately
2) Don't leave any broken locks in this state for more than an hour
3) Call an expert, insured Danbury locksmith to evaluate losses and install new, improved security
4) Keep a low profile in your neighborhood
5) Reduce any possible hiding places on the property, where burglars can hide

A few security measures to embrace


a) Locks, locks, locks
The same statistical data quoted by Danbury locksmith shows that properties that have double deadlocks installed on the doors are actually more secure, and less likely to be the subject of break-ins. Also, the percentage increases if the respective households also have locked windows, chained door access and bars on the front windows.

Call our Danbury locksmith services and ask our specialists to install the best security locks on both your doors and windows

b) Keep your property lit accordingly
There is no secret for anyone that thieves work in the darkness. So the less outdoor lighting you have, the more chances of a recurring burglary. Invest on automatic lighting systems or lighting on timer, these can ensure your property is well lit even when you are not at home.

c) Make sure you have a permanent locksmith working with you
You will need an expert who can assess in a critical manner all your property vulnerabilities. A house that has been broken into once can become a real magnet for burglars in the future. But, if you take snap and expert measures, you can escape this.

Our experts Danbury locksmith pros are all properly insured and certified, so this will not be an issue with your insurance company, in case you need your break-in damage paid for.


All our technicians at A&P Locksmith can provide security measures such as

- Re-keying locks
- Installing safer doors
- Installing commercial locking systems
- Opening or locking file cabinets
- Fixing broken doors and latches
- Installing and fixing intercom and alarm systems


No matter when this unfortunate break-in may have happened to you, our Danbury locksmith services are available 24/7, no hidden fees, all services local and certified.